Monday, May 2, 2011

Kerry Bartels - Introduction to the National Archives - May 18

Kerry Bartels is a great storyteller and a dynamic speaker. He became a genealogist before he was an Archivist, so he understands the need for documents. His goal at his NARA branch is to make the Archives useful to genealogists. Kerry Bartels is an Archives Specialist at the Narional Archives in Perris, California. He has been a professional archivist since 1977 and has worked in historical societies, libraries, museums, universities, and state archives. He has extensive experience with county, state, and federal records as well as private manuscripts of individuals and records of private organizations. Over the years, he has also done a great deal of oral history and has administered a state micrographics laboratory and a state conservation laboratory among other specialties. He has been a genealogical practioner since 1962 and has done extensive research in the United States and Canada as well as many nations in Europe.

Mr. Bartels will demonstrate how genealogists can utilize the various descriptive tools on the National Archives website to determine for themselves records that may be useful in their particular Family History Center. Also discussed will be the National Archives itself and how the billions of documents in its holdings are organized. The session will concentrate on locating descriptions of records in the National Archives that are valuable to genealogists but are little known and little used. Handouts illustrating each of the searchexamples will be provided to participants.

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