Sunday, January 16, 2011

GSNOCC Meeting – January 19, 2011 Presents DR. JOEL WEINTRAUB Preparing for the 1940 Census

Preparing for the 1940 Census
The 1940 U. S. census introduced sampling, organized publicity, and an emphasis on economic questions. Some standard questions were dropped, while new ones were added. The changes were not without controversy. The census is being digitized by the National Archives and will be available on-line. It is unlikely there will be a name index available on opening day (April 2, 2012), so initially, geographic means for finding people will be necessary. Dr. Weintraub will discuss the 1940 enumeration and its questions, the on-line 1940 geographic tools he has produced for the Morse One-Step website, and why we wait 72 years to see a U.S. population census.

Born and raised in Manhattan, Dr. Joel Weintraub is Professor of Biology Emeritus at California State University, Fullerton. He became interested in genealogy about 12 years ago, and volunteered for nine years at the National Archives. Joel transcribed streets within census districts in 2001 to help researchers search the 1930 U. S. census. In 2002, he was joined by David Kehs and Stephen Morse; together, they have produced several on-line census-searching utilities for both the federal and New York State censuses on the Morse One-Step website .

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